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220+ Names for Surfers

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The fact is, if you’re a surfer today, you’re a member of a small (but growing) tribe.  Surfers are somewhat of a hybrid breed of adventurer and sports athlete.  

They’re not afraid to head out into the unknown, and they have an intangible thirst for thrills and adventure.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a surfer, there’s a lot of good you can take from their mindset and style.

Surfers look cool and awesome. If you want to learn how to surf, you will need a surfboard. You might also need a cool surfing nickname.

What are some name ideas for surfers? Here are more than 220 ideas:

Beachy Names We Love

Top view of a beautiful beach with people

Here are the names of some beaches around the world. Do you like any name? Consider giving yourself that nickname.

  • Cannon (Oregon)
  • Dillon (California)
  • Huntington (California)
  • Monty (Monterey Bay)
  • Vashon (Washington)
  • Zuma (California)
  • Chicama (Peru)
  • Hossegor (Basque origin) means “dry water”. A famous beach in France.
  • Jaws (Old French origin) is a beach popular amongst surfers in Hawaii.
  • Margaret (French) meaning “pearl”.
  • Maverick (American) meaning “wildly independent”.
  • Pavones (Italian) meaning “proud man”. Also a surfing spot found in in Costa Rica.
  • Raglan (Welsh) refers to a surfing location in New Zealand.
  • Rosa (Latin) meaning “rose” from the Praia De Rosa beach for surfing.
  • Sebastian (Greek) refers to Sao Sebastiao found in Brazil.
  • Thurso (Norse), meaning “Thor’s river”, a famous Scottish destination for surfing.

Great Surfer Names for Babies

smiling baby with a white towel on his head

Do you want to name your baby after a surfer? Here are some popular surfers and their place of origin:

  • Andy Irons: Hawaiian
  • Barton Lynch: Aussie
  • Butch Van Artsdalen: U.S.
  • Clay Marzo: Hawaiian
  • Damien Hobgood: U.S.
  • Duke Paoa Kahanamoku: Hawaiian
  • Mick Fanning: Aussie
  • Mickey Munoz: surfboard shaper and U.S. surfer
  • Shane Beschen: U.S.
  • Simon Anderson: Aussie
  • Sunny Garcia: Hawaiian
  • Taj Burrow: Aussie

Names that Mean Water

Drop of clear water

Since surfing is about water, it will be cool to choose a name that means water.

  • Avon: River
  • Beckham: Home by the river
  • Bourne: Stream
  • Brooks: Water, small stream
  • Calder: Stream
  • Colwyn: River in Wales
  • Conway: Holy river
  • Destin: By the still water
  • Douglas: Black river
  • Dover: Water
  • Earvin: Fresh water
  • Escott: Hut near the stream
  • Ford: River crossing
  • Hali: The sea
  • Havelock: Sea competition
  • Holmes: Islands in the stream
  • Hudson: A river in New York
  • Hurley: Sea tide
  • Irving: Fresh water
  • Kai: The sea
  • Kenn: Bright water
  • Lachlan: From the land full of lakes
  • Lake: Inland body of water
  • Leomaris: Lion of the ocean
  • Lincoln: Lake colony
  • Locke: Pond
  • Marino: Of the sea
  • Mario: Star of the sea
  • Marvin: Sea friend
  • Morgan: Circling sea
  • Mortimer: Dead sea
  • Murdock: Guard of the sea
  • Murphy: Sea warrior
  • Neptune: A Roman god from the sea
  • Orman: Sea man
  • Seton: Sea settlement
  • Strom: Brook, stream
  • Tahoe: Big water
  • Trent: Gushing waters
  • Wiley: Well-watered meadow

Names from Beach, Aqua or Sea-related Movies

beautiful white sand beach

The names below are names of characters in some movies:

  • Bodhi (Point Break movie)
  • Brady (Teen Beach movie)
  • Brody (Chief Martin Brody from Jaws movie)
  • Cody: (Baywatch movie)
  • Frankie (Beach Party movie)
  • Hobie: (Baywatch movie)
  • Jack: (Big Wednesday movie)
  • Jesse: (Free Willy movie)
  • Lockie: (Lockie Leonard from the Human Torpedo movie)
  • Logan: (Baywatch movie)
  • Luke: (The Reef movie)
  • Murph: (The Perfect Storm movie)
  • Nathaniel: (Point Break movie)
  • Sebastian: (The Little Mermaid movie)

Awesome Surfer Names for Females

woman Surfer at sunset

Do you want to name your female surfer baby? Here are some great names:

  • Alyssa: Refers to a flower (Greek origin)
  • Andrea: Meaning “brave” (Greek origin)
  • Bianca: Meaning “white” (Italian origin)
  • Brisa: Meaning “light wind” (Spanish origin)
  • Carissa: Meaning “grace” (Greek origin)
  • Caroline: Meaning “beloved” (Spanish origin)
  • Courtney: It means “one belonging to a court” (French origin)
  • Freida: Meaning “peace” (Germanic origin)
  • Justine: Meaning “righteous” (Latin origin)
  • Keana: Meaning “ancient” (Irish origin)
  • Keely: Meaning “beautiful” (Irish origin)
  • Lisa: Means “the promise of God” (English origin)
  • Macy: Meaning “weapons” (French origin)
  • Malia: Meaning “love” (Hawaiian origin)
  • Maya: Meaning “illusion” (Sanskrit origin)
  • Nicole: Meaning “people’s victory” (French origin)
  • Sally: Meaning “lady” (English origin) 
  • Silvana: Meaning “forest”. (Latin origin)
  • Stephanie: Meaning “garlanded crown” (Greek origin)
  • Wendy: Meaning “white” (Welsh origin)
  • Andy: Meaning “brave” (Scottish origin)
  • Bob: Meaning “bright” (German origin)
  • Brad: Meaning “broad meadow” (English origin)
  • Brian: Meaning “noble” (Irish origin)
  • Chris: Meaning “bearer of Christ” (Greek origin)
  • Clay: Refers to clayey earth (English origin)
  • Dave: Meaning “beloved” (Hebrew origin)
  • Don: Meaning “chief” (Irish origin)
  • Duke: Meaning “leader” and it is a great name for boys (Middle English origin)
  • Gabriel: Meaning “my strength is God” (Hebrew origin)

More Nicknames for Surfers


Want more nicknames? Here you go:

  • Aqua: Meaning “water” (Latin origin)
  • Arena: Meaning “sand” (Spanish origin)
  • Bolger: Meaning “waves” (Norwegian origin)
  • Homok: Meaning “sand” (Hungarian origin)
  • Ibishi: Meaning “beach” (Zulu origin)
  • Ilma: Meaning “water” (Maltese origin)
  • Jol: Meaning “water” (Indian origin)
  • Moana: Meaning “sea” (Maor origin)
  • Om: Meaning “watery liquid” (Yoruba origin)
  • Onja: Meaning “waves” (Malagasy origin)
  • Sablo: Meaning “sand” (Esperanto origin)
  • Strand: Meaning “beach” (Germanic origin)
  • Udens: Meaning “Adam’s ale” (Latvian origin)
  • Vatn: Meaning “moisture” (Icelandic origin)
  • Wilgoc: Meaning “moisture” (Polish origin)

More Great Names for Surfers

Young mixed race men holding surf boards on beach

Want more awesome names? Here you go:

  • Zane
  • Wade
  • Rune
  • Rowan
  • Wylie
  • Seth
  • Reid
  • Cove
  • Brody/Brodie
  • Hurley
  • Oakley
  • Duke
  • Reef
  • Keefer/Keifer
  • Finn
  • Colt
  • Logan
  • Miles
  • Dax
  • Grant
  • Ryne
  • Cody
  • Hayden
  • Brady
  • Riley
  • Keane
  • Arlo
  • Hudson
  • Sean
  • Connor
  • Joel
  • Blake
  • Jake
  • Ace
  • Asher
  • Beck
  • Colby
  • Cruz
  • Dashiell
  • Eli
  • Ezra
  • Fox
  • Gabe
  • Graham
  • Grey
  • Griffin
  • Ian
  • Jaime
  • Knox
  • Levi
  • Luca
  • Mac
  • Nash
  • Rhett
  • Rio
  • Rory
  • Shane
  • Toby
  • Trace
  • Wilder
  • Kendrick “Kenny”
  • Chase
  • Beau (too much with Kai??)
  • Slater
  • Grant
  • Wade
  • Ryker
  • Blue
  • Zeus
  • Nolan
  • Sullivan
  • Orion
  • Atlas
  • Colt
  • Apollo
  • Sawyer
  • Wyatt
  • Sebastian
  • Felix
  • Mack
  • Milo
  • Travis
  • Ace
  • Asher
  • Beck
  • Colby
  • Cruz
  • Dashiell
  • Eli
  • Ezra
  • Fox
  • Gabe
  • Graham
  • Grey
  • Griffin
  • Ian