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How to Secure a Paddleboard

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Whether because of its financial value or sentimental value, no paddler ever looks forward to losing their paddleboard to theft. But it can happen. If you leave your paddleboard lying around without any security measures, you might lose it.

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One way to secure your paddleboard is to anchor it to something. But then, fastening paddleboards with just bungee cords or ropes may not cut it. However, if you have a paddleboard lock, you can provide better security for your paddleboard.

Whether you’re familiar with paddleboard locks or not, you are on the right page. In this article, we talk about how you can lock up your paddleboard. We also review seven secure dock locks for paddleboards. After reading this article, you will be more familiar with paddleboard locks and how to use them.

How to Lock Your Paddleboard

Locking your paddleboard is pretty straightforward, and you can do it in 4 simple steps:

  • Fasten the jaw of your paddleboard lock to your paddleboard.
  • Pass the cable lock through the loop on the jaw of the paddleboard lock.
  • Find a secure stationary object like a tree, deck, or roof rack and fasten the cable to this object.
  • Set your lock code or lock it with a padlock or key – whichever applies to you.

If you intend to secure multiple paddleboards, you can do that with one cable. However, you will need more than one jaw.

To secure multiple paddleboards:

  • Attach a jaw to each board.
  • Pass the cable lock through the loop of each jaw.
  • Then lock the cable to a secure stationary object.

7 Secure Dock-Locks for Paddleboards

DocksLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock Anti-Theft Security System

DocksLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock Anti-Theft Security System
  • Patented anti-theft security. The DocksLocks Jaws Lock is a patented locking device designed to protect SUP Paddleboards and Surfboards from theft. Don’t make it easy for thieves to steal your surfboard or paddle board while you are away.
  • Strong and secure. Secure your board to any stationary object: a car roof rack, park bench, bike rack, tree, dock piling and more.
  • Versatile and easy to use. The Jaws Lock is the only lock that can attach to either a board’s leash plug or fin box. Lock multiple boards together with a single cable (requires one Jaws lock per board).

The DockLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock comes with a cable that is 10 feet long. With such length, you can fasten your paddleboard to larger-sized anchor objects like trees and roof racks without fuss.

But more importantly, the length of this paddleboard lock allows you to secure multiple boards simultaneously.

Of course, remember that you will need a jaw lock for each board.

Beyond having a length that can support multiple paddleboards, the DockLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock has an overall sturdy build.

The jaw is marine-grade stainless steel. It comes encased in plastic nylon, so it will not corrode quickly.

But more importantly, it resists impact. So, you can rest assured that no potential thief will disengage the lock without sweating it out.

Besides the marine-grade steel jaw, the cable of this product is vinyl-coated. It will not snap or give in to the elements.

Apart from all we have highlighted, the DockLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock scores high on versatility.

When you are not using it on your paddleboard, you can use this lock on a surfboard, kayak, bicycle, and other similar items.

Beyond that, the jaw lock can attach to either your board’s fin box or leash plug. So, if your board does not have a leash plug, affix the cleat in the package to your board’s fin box, and you are good to go.

The DockLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock comes with a combination lock. So, you do not have to worry about carrying the keys to a padlock.

Also, the combination lock is resettable, so if you ever forget your combination, you can reset it.


  • It has a sturdy build.
  • Suitable for multiple paddleboards.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Comes with a resettable combination lock.
  • Made with weatherproof materials.


  • Maneuvering the coiled cable can be challenging.

Fin Box Lock

Fin Box Lock
  • Special Feature: Key Lock for Secure Storage
  • Hand Control for Easy Operation
  • Modern Style for Aesthetic Appeal
  • Single Piece Construction for Convenience
  • Silver Color for Sleek Look

The Fin Box Lock consists of a 6-foot cable and a 2-part lock.

While this 6-foot cable is not as long as the 10-foot cable of the DockLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock, it still works for multiple boards.

You should be able to secure 2 to 3 paddleboards with the Fin Box Lock cable. However, you will need a separate lock for each board.

The 2-part lock of the Fin Box Lock goes onto your fin box sequentially. The first part directly fits into the fin box, while the other attaches to the first part. Then you pass the cable through the hoops on the lock and fasten it to a stationary object.

Alternatively, you may make the cable into a loop, then attach it to the lock with a padlock.

Thanks to its wings, the part that goes into the fin box hooks itself to the fin box. So, it will remain attached even if someone tries to pull the board away from the anchor.

On the flip side, the lock’s wings are not flexible; they have a definite radius.

So, if the slit of your fin box is smaller than the lock’s wings, the lock may never go in. Even if it does go in, you may damage the fin box while trying to remove the lock.

The Fin Box Lock comes in various colors. So, if you are particular about aesthetics, you have options. Overall, it is pretty simple to use.


  • It can secure multiple paddleboards.
  • Simple to use.
  • Pretty effective.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • It may not fit into your fin box. So, check the dimensions before you buy.

Lasso Kong Cable

Lasso Kong Cable Kayak Lock fits Touring
  • The Tandem, Recreational and Sit on Top kayak Model does not work with most Hobie kayaks and some of the extra wide fishing kayaks.

The Lasso Kong Cable offers a 16-foot cable and a versatile lock system.

The cable of this product surpasses the two products we have reviewed so far. You can expect it to secure more boards than the Fin Box Lock and the DockLocks SUP Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock.

While this product offers a super long cable, it has limited compatibility.

In other words, you cannot use the Lasso Kong Cable with all types of paddleboards. Since this product does not come with a jaw lock and a cleat, the Lasso Kong Cable can only work with paddleboards that have a leash plug.

To summarize, the Lasso Kong Cable will not work for all types of paddleboards.

Although it has limited compatibility, the strength of the Lasso Kong Cable is impressive. Made with galvanized steel cable used on aircraft, the Lasso Kong Cable won’t readily yield to sheer force or pull. You can relax with extra confidence that your paddleboard is safe.

Besides its impressive steel build, the Lasso Kong Cable comes in a vinyl encasement. So, it will not give in to element damage for a long time.

The lock system of the Lasso Kong Cable is versatile. You can choose to lock your paddleboard with the resettable combination lock or a key.


  • Impressive strength.
  • It is pretty long, so you can use it for multiple paddleboards.
  • It offers a key lock and a combination lock.
  • Covered in vinyl for protection against the elements.


  • It is not compatible with paddleboards that have no leash plug.

KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie-Down Straps

KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps 18 Foot
  • Reinforced stainless steel straps
  • Locked with a key
  • Work exactly like regular tie down strap, but more secure.
  • Comes in 4 sizes: 8ft, 11ft, 13ft, and 18ft
  • Set of 2

The KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps work a bit differently.

Instead of securing your board by running cable through a loop, this product secures your board with two tie-down straps.

The straps run around either side of the widest area of the board. So, a potential thief wouldn’t even be able to slip the board through.

With the KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps, you get four strap-length options: 8, 11, 13, or 18 feet long. It all depends on how many boards you intend to secure.

The straps of this paddleboard lock feature adjustable buckles. So, you can reduce or increase the diameter of the strap loop, depending on the size of the anchoring object.

The KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps have keyholes and keys for each strap.

You wouldn’t be securing your board with knots that can be undone. Instead, you will lock the straps around the board with a key.

The straps of this paddleboard strap might look like they are just fibers that anyone can cut with a knife. However, they aren’t. The straps of the paddleboard lock have stainless steel reinforcement. No knife will cut through them easily.


  • Straps use a steel-reinforced build for extra security.
  • You can adjust the straps to suit any board and anchoring object.
  • You get to choose from multiple strap lengths.


  • Features only a key lock. If the keys go missing, you’ll have no other option to unlock the straps.

Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs

The Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs operate similarly to the KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps. Both feature two straps with which you tie down the paddleboard at either side of the widest part of the board.

The Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs come in just two lengths: 10 and 14 feet. But for sure, you can strap more than one board in with either option. The 14-foot option can hold down up to 5 boards.

Unlike the KanuLock, the Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs uses a 2-way locking system. It uses a buckle and a key lock, giving you a 2-factor security system.

Besides having multiple locks, the straps of this paddleboard lock are strong. They come reinforced with three braided stainless-steel cables. With this reinforcement, no one can quickly cut them to steal your board.

Besides that, the stainless-steel cables stay inside thick, durable nylon. So they will not scratch your paddleboard.

The Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs cables can support up to 700 pounds of board weight. But then, since they have a stainless-steel cable reinforcement, this impressive load capacity is not surprising.

Consider this product if your regular paddleboard lock affects your car’s paint job. The Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs won’t hurt your vehicle when wrapped in silicone sleeves.


  • The straps are super durable.
  • It uses a 2-way lock system.
  • You get two length options for the straps.
  • Supports up to 700 pounds of weight.


  • If the keys go missing, even the buckle becomes inaccessible.

ASMSW 800lbs Lockable Tie Down Straps with 3-Digit Password

The ASMSW 800lbs Lockable Tie Down Straps share similarities with the Vamo Premium Locking Tie Downs.

For one, both products secure paddleboards using two reinforced straps. However, unlike the Vamo Premium, the ASMSW 800lbs Lockable Tie Down Straps come in just one length: 10 feet.

While the ASMSW 800lbs Lockable Tie Down Straps are available only in 10-foot length, you can still strap multiple boards with it. At the least, this product can secure up to 3 boards.

The ASMSW 800lbs Lockable Tie Down Straps do not use a 2-way lock system like the Vamo Premium. Instead, they come only with a resettable combination lock, which is nice.

With the combination lock, there is no risk of losing keys. Then since the lock is resettable, you will not be stuck if you forget your combination.

The straps of this product are, without a doubt, well-built. They come reinforced with three internal stainless-steel cables enclosed in nylon.

The steel reinforcement ensures the straps are not easy to cut through with regular cutters. Then, the nylon enclosure keeps your board from getting scratched.

The ASMSW 800lbs Lockable Tie Down Straps can carry loads of up to 800 pounds. This is even more impressive than the Vamo Premium.

Plus, since the average paddleboard weighs around 20 to 40 pounds, you are unlikely to exceed this product’s load capacity.

This product features adjustable buckles for the straps. So, you can increase or reduce the strap loop as needed.


  • It uses steel-reinforced straps.
  • Has a load capacity of 800 pounds.
  • Features a combination lock instead of a key, so you never have to worry about losing the keys.
  • The steel reinforcements come in a nylon enclosure, so your paddleboard is safe from scratches.


  • The combination lock uses three digits, which is not impressive given the odds of guessing the correct combination.

Trimax MAG10SC 10ft Combination Cable Lock

Trimax MAG10SC 10ft Combination Cable Lock
  • Item Package Dimension: 12.49L x 7.90W x 6.41H inches
  • Item Package Weight – 1.30 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity – 1
  • Product Type – LOCK

The Trimax MAG10SC features a combination lock and a 10-foot cable. The 10-foot cable might not be the longest in this review, but it will definitely go a long way with multiple boards.

The Trimax MAG10SC does not come with a jaw lock and cleat. So, if your paddleboard does not have a leash plug, this product will not work for you.

While the Trimax MAG10SC has limited compatibility, the cable is pretty tough. Made with braided alloy steel, the cable of this product will not yield easily.

Also, since the cable stays in a vinyl enclosure, it will not succumb to elemental degradation.

This paddleboard lock uses a 4-digit combination lock, so you won’t have to worry about losing keys. Beyond securing paddleboards, you can use the Trimax MAG10SC for your bicycles, RVs, and many more items.


  • The cable has impressive strength.
  • The vinyl covering protects against adverse weather.
  • Uses a combination lock, so you don’t have to worry about keys.


  • Non-compatible with paddleboards that do not have leash plugs.