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175+ Names for Surfboards

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Even if you have never surfed, you have probably heard of it.  Surfing is a sport that requires balance, physical fitness, and a little bit of skill.  

While it can be a little pricey to get started, especially for beginners, surfing can be a very rewarding experience.  

Surfboard on tropical beach in summer

Once the initial thrill of riding waves has worn off, and you discover how much you love riding waves. The next step is to find the perfect name for your board.

Some surfers name their boards for clear identification when discussing with their friends, while others love their boards so much and name them.

If you are thinking of naming your surfboard, you are not alone. Here are more than 175 great names for your surfboard.

Cool Aquatic Animals to Name Your Surfboards After

two blue surfboards on a sandy beach

Since you are a surfer, you are sure to be a lover of the sea. If you love the sea, you should love aquatic life as well.

Here are some popular aquatic species that you can name your favorite surfboard after:

  • Stingray: What an awesome fish to name your board after. These fishes are flat like your board and surf in the bottom of the sea just the way you did surf on the surface.
  • Shark: What’s more? If you are an expert surfer that other surfers make way for when you surf, you clearly are riding the shark of surfboards.
  • Jellyfish: Jellyfishes are awesome and cute creatures that can congregate in the surface of water for a long time. Why not name your small-sized boards are a jellyfish species?
  • Medusa: Medusa is the free-swimming stage of Jellyfishes. Unlike polyps such as Sea Anemones, your surfboard is free on the surface of water.
  • Plankton: “Planktons” refer to miniature organisms that drift close to the surface of water. They usually rely on the current of the sea. Great name for boards that drag you white you surf.
  • Ocean Sunfish: These large fishes are among the heaviest honey fishes in the world. You should name your large surfboard after this fish because it fits perfectly.

Other aquatic species that you can name your surfboard after are:

  • Anglerfish
  • Octopus
  • Squid
  • Gulper Eel
  • Swordfish
  • Seahorse
  • Orca
  • Dolphin
  • Sea Lion
  • Sea Lilly
  • Angelfish
  • Clownfish
  • Mandarin Dragonet
  • Flame Angel

Popular and Great Slang Names Your Surfboard


The names below are terms used to describe certain kinds of surfboards. They are cool names you can name your surfboards with.

  • Soft Top: These boards are hard on the bottom, but soft (like sponge) on top. They are used by all kinds of surfers from beginners to experts like Jamie O’Brien.
  • Speed Egg: “Egg Speeds” are medium-sized boards that you can surf like short boards, but paddle like long boards. They were popular long ago, but they are currently making waves once again.
  • Elephant Gun: “Elephant” in the name refers to the large waves that expert surfers love. Why not name your surfboard “Elephant Gun” to get those elephants?
  • Rhino Chaser: Just like “Elephant Chasers”, “Rhino Chaser” is a surfboard used by expert surfers to chase large waves. This time, the waves are fearful.
  • Retro Fish: Refers to Surfboards with a dividing tail. The usually have twin find and split tails.
  • Blade: Great name for small, narrow, and lightweight boards that mostly used by expert surfers
  • Log: In the past, “log” referred to large and heavy boards. Now, it is a great name to describe classical boards (i.e. boards that resemble those that were ridden many years ago)
  • Asym: Great name for surfboards that have a nose and tail with different shapes. Asym is just a short word for “assymetrical”.
  • Wall Hanger: If your surfboard is so pretty and loaded with designs and you are confused if you should use it for surfing or for decoration in your home, you should definitely name it “Wall Hanger”.
  • Padillac: Padillac is just a cool term that refers to the Cadillac of the sea. Get it?

Some Awesome “Surfboard” Variants

two surfboards on the street near the wall for hire rent

Instead of saying “surfboard”, here are great words you can use instead:

  • Surfbird
  • Surfbali
  • Surfbuni
  • Surfbald
  • Surfbone
  • Flowboard
  • Surfbits
  • Surfbine
  • Surfbulli
  • Surfbabeeu
  • Surfbum
  • SurfBat
  • Surfbet

More Names for Your Surfboards

Want even more names? Here you go:

many different surf boards on the beach
  • Monica
  • California Tweener
  • Bwana Dik
  • Flame
  • Shakira
  • Heartbreaker
  • Hershey Squirt Express
  • Parsumonius Trigluni
  • The Bismark
  • Magnifico
  • The Wiz
  • Squirt II
  • Mojomatic
  • Japanese beetle landing
  • Scent of dracina
  • Quasimoto lives
  • Two Iwa aloft
  • Chuck yara maru
  • Barge 5
  • Song of the shama thrush
  • Mujer en la mar
  • 15 minutes on a Saturday morning
  • Tribute to the cree nation
  • Holo holo hanalei
  • Moonlight under the the niu tree
  • Wailua grace
  • Ike papa lua
  • Mahalo moikeha
  • Mild midsummer maddness
  • Amigo de mi
  • Ambrose
  • Potato bug
  • Gift to thousand peaks
  • Dumpster Diver
  • Pineapple Blade
  • Bubbles
  • big sunny
  • Flowboard
  • Skeg
  • Gamer
  • Broken Heart
  • Hang ten
  • Stick
  • Dayvan cowboy
  • Deshackulation
  • Smurfboard
  • Tube snake
  • Van darkholme
  • Surfboart
  • Longboard
  • Turtle
  • Gravity check
  • Woody
  • Surfboardt
  • Hotdogger
  • Surfbort
  • Nictionary
  • Wavy david
  • Board
  • Nsfw
bearded young man in wet t-shirt riding waves on surfboard on sunny day
  • Raining on that wood
  • Hang 11
  • No show
  • Wake surfing
  • Skurf
  • Duck dive
  • Zog, mr.
  • Dunlayed
  • Bustin
  • German surfer
  • Shredstick
  • Gutter surfing
  • Foamie
  • Ambrosi
  • Hidden
  • Hang five
  • Chop-hop
  • Kook
  • Swurkboard
  • Hamboard
  • Mexican surfboard
  • Subway surf
  • Kamikaze watermelon
  • Ridin the wave
  • Wipeout
  • Bad word
  • Shark biscuit
  • Clothesurfing
  • Redacted
  • Surfdog
  • Shralp
  • Jay
Set of different color surf boards in a stack by ocean
  • Valley boy
  • Surf shop
  • Schwack
  • Wax-o-maniac
  • Wetiquette
  • Beatsteaks
  • Bro diegan
  • Tombstoning
  • Siquence
  • Shoot the pier
  • N.o.d or nod
  • Klugle
  • Rice cake shark
  • Waxident
  • Shromp
  • Shred toast
  • Kookspear
  • Spencer
  • Noseriding
  • Haslett high school
  • Crazy boozy picnic
  • Eddie would go
  • Surf city squeeze
  • Surf the shark
  • Seaside park
  • Vanguard boy
  • Old school skateboarding
  • Beach bike
  • Recreational Vsseltopia
  • Swayz-fu