Should You Wear a  Life Jacket When Paddleboarding?

Safety is a priority for any type of water sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding on a boat or parasailing, you should take precautions to limit your risk of injury or death.

People who are paddleboarding should always wear a lifejacket, even if you’re only practicing. Getting used to wearing a life vest every time will keep you safe.

Having a jacket on, in addition to something like a wetsuit, will help keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Wearing a lifejacket while you’re paddleboarding is usually the law.  If you don’t wear one, you could face fines and other penalties.

Modern vests are  lighter and sleeker  than in past  generations.

You can find them in fantastic colors, they’re simple to put on, and they fit into your car without any trouble.

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