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220+ Creative Surf Shop Names

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If you live close to the beach, you must have seen a lot of surfers.

I think it is a great idea to open a surf shop close to the beach so that people can buy or rent surfboards, take some surfing classes, and patronize you for other surfing products and services.

surfboard shop

Before opening your shop, you have to come up with a great name.

Well, you do not have to worry about that because I have brought some great names for your surf shop.

Here are more than 220 great name ideas for your surf shop:

Recommended Names for Your Surf Business

While surf shops are often just owned by surfers, they don’t have to be. Some surf shops started out as bike shops that decided to sell surfboards on the side.

Other shops started out as skate shops that sold a few surfboards on the side, but added more boards as surfing gained popularity.

Portrait of cheerful positive smiling woman with board for surfing in the shop

Here are some awesome hand-picked great name ideas (and the reason behind them) for your surf shop.

  • Sea and Shell Surf Shop: The alphabetical consistency in this name is perfect.
  • Surf the Swell: “Swell” refers to the waves of the ocean.
  • The Surfer’s Choice Company: A great name that will attract surfers because they want to know why your shop is a place of choice.
  • The Surf Shop: A very simple name that passes a simple message.
  • Love of the Waves: Great name for shops and other business located in (or near) the beach.
  • Sand and Sea Surf Shop: Surfers walk on sand to surf on the sea. Great name for a surf shop.
  • Beach to Board Business: Excellent name with alphabetical consistency. Get the idea, right?
  • Will of the Waves Surf Co: This name will attract surfers with a will to surf.
  • Bring it to the Beach: in this shop, you can sell/rent everything beach-related including surfing materials.
  • Shore Thing Surf Company: Who says you should not use pun words when naming your surf shop?
  • Surf is Life: Another awesome pun for your surf shop.
  • The Daily Surf: Great name for shop shops with surf-related newsletter.
  • The Ocean Girls: Women always love a woman-themed business. Use this name for your shop and see how your shop still be crowded by female surfers.
  • Deep Zone Surf: This surf shop name will attract expert surfers who are not afraid of the sea.
  • New Waves: Every surfer is looking out for a new way. Your surf shop may be what they’ve been looking for.

Names with “Surf” for Your Surf Shop


While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to naming a surf shop, there are a few tried and true methods to follow.

For example, if you’re in a coastal area where the surf is often calm, your shop’s name should reflect that. (Think: “Turtle’s Surf Shack” or “Yellowfin Surf’n’Suds.”)

If you’re in a coastal area where the surf is consistently large, your shop’s name should reflect that. (Think: “Shark’s Peak Surf Shop” or “The Big Kahuna.”)

Here are some surf shop names that bear the word “surf”:

  • Surfs R’ Us
  • Surfing Central
  • The Surf Store
  • Surf-City
  • Surf Stuff
  • Surf Stuff Store
  • Surf More
  • Surf-till-you-drop
  • The Surf Board
  • The Surf Hangout
  • Patriots Surf
  • Berry Surf
  • Surf Bag
  • Salty Surfers
  • Surfing Bros
  • Surfing Services
  • Lamp Surf
  • Burst Surf
  • Surf Keys
  • Retro Surfing
  • Latest Surfing
  • Win Win Surfing
  • Surfing University

Names with “Wave” for Your Surf Shop

Surfer on a wave

What’s in a surf shop name? Quite a bit if you’re searching for a surf shop with a certain vibe.

Surfers surf on waves. Here are awesome surf shop names with “wave”:

  • The Big Wave
  • Catch a Wave
  • Peak Waves
  • Wave Chargers
  • Party Wave Surfers
  • Breaking Waves
  • Clean Waves Magazine
  • Beacon Wave
  • Wave Brand
  • Everest Wave
  • Knowledge Wave
  • Blue Marble Wave
  • Lake Wave
  • Wave And More
  • Wheel Wave
  • Crave Wave
  • Ignition Wave
  • Ovation Wave
  • Jump man Wave
  • Advanced Wave
  • Melody Wave
  • Wave HQ
  • Out Of The Box Wave
  • Victory Wave
  • Game Time Wave
  • Director Wave

More Great Name Ideas for Your Surf Shop

Young mixed race women holding surf board on beach

Want more names for your surf shop? Here you go:

  • The Crazy Surfer
  • Barrels of Fun
  • Crushin’ Hard
  • Akaw Surf School
  • Swell Surf Co.
  • For Surf
  • Water Babes
  • Best of the Crest
  • Dawn Patrol Surf School
  • On Deck Surfing
  • Totally Beachin’
  • Surf Bros
  • Perfect Surf
  • Hang Loose Surf School
  • Aspire Surf
  • Hot Lips Surfing
  • Macking It
  • Eat Sand Surfing
  • Epic Waters
  • Far Out Boards
  • Rollin’ with the Foamies
  • Feeling Swell
  • Ammo Surf
  • Aquasurf
  • Beach Hang
  • Friendly Shark Surf School
  • Rad Boards
  • Shaka Surf Shack
  • Clean surf
  • Ace surf
  • Action surf
  • All Aboard
  • Aloha Surfing
  • Clear line Surf shop
  • Coastline Surf Shops
  • Surf Club Boulder
man holding a surfing board at the beach
  • Big Blue Life
  • Blue Love
  • Board Meeting
  • Business Of Boards
  • Powerlift Surf
  • Serendipity Surf
  • Better Surfing
  • Lab Surf
  • Cloud Club
  • Lasso Wave
  • Silk Surf
  • Sublime Surfing
  • Victor Surfing
  • Surferser
  • Refuge Surfing
  • Proactive Surf Club
  • Jam Surfers
  • Clubsurfr
  • Surfing Rush
  • Traffic Surfing
  • Accel Wave
  • Future Surfers
  • Surf Favorite
  • Surfing Cyber
  • Blazing Surfers
  • Surfers Browser
  • Peach Wave
  • Vista Wave
  • Objective Wave
  • Fever Club
  • Advantage Wave
  • Surfers All
  • Surf Cross
  • Surfing Tour
  • Roses Surfing
  • Post Surfing
  • Renegade Surfers
  • Goliath Surfing
  • Black Surf
  • Surf Club Wave
  • Invest Surfing
  • Platinum Surfers
  • Pro Star Surf Club
  • Mohawk Surf Club
  • Discrete Surfing
  • Surf Club Challenge
  • Citizens Surfers
  • Surf Club Runners
  • Wolf Pack Surf
  • Lush Surfing
  • Surfers Pages
  • Import Surf
  • Club surf inc
  • Red Dragon Surfers
  • Depot Surf Club
  • Surf Catalog
  • East End Surf
  • Checkmate Surf Club
  • Surf Wave Club
  • Aroma Surf
  • Modest Surf
  • Wave surf Aves
  • Gold Star Surfing
  • Intrepid Surf
  • Prosper Surf Club
  • Rise Surf
  • Surf Heat
  • Continuum Surfers
  • SurfWavers
  • North Bay Surf Club
  • Surfing Absolute
  • Club surfs Club
  • Magellan Surf
  • Surfers Wallet
  • Sweet Water Surfers
  • Grasshopper Surfers
  • Analog Surfing
  • Progressive Wave
  • Club surf com
  • Wave Basic
  • Maven surfers
  • Appliance Surfing
  • Pacific Coast Surfers
  • Townsend Surf
  • Honey Surfers
  • Surf Products
  • Sonic Surfers
  • Lustrous Surfers
  • Hilltop Surf Club
  • Virtuoso Surf Club
  • Atlas Surf Club
  • Chakra Surf
  • Wave Club Surf
  • Find Surfing
  • Life Surfers
  • Surf a Watcher
  • Surf Clip
  • Independence Surf
  • The Surfers
  • Surf These Waves
  • Accelerate Surfers
  • Wave Method
  • Wolverine Surf Club
  • Surf Surfing
  • No Suffering Surfers shop
  • Provident Surfers
  • Imaginary Surf
  • Reservation Surf
  • Surfing Ever
  • Cyber Surf Club
  • Lift Surf
  • Drive Surf
  • Club surfer Store
  • Surfing Base