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Over 186 Ideas to Name Your Beach House

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Do you have a beach house? That’s awesome. You should give your beach house a nice name to attract visitors.

With a great name, your beach house can stand a chance against other beach houses in the area. In this article, there are over 186 great name ideas for your beach house.

Top 10 Beach House Name Ideas

Here are my recommendations for you. I selected these names just for you:

modern house with a swimming pool, modern pool villa at the beach
  • Sea Lion’s Den: Lions live in dens. What about sea lions? This name will attract lovers of nature.
  • Corals Cottage: Corals accommodate other aquatic creatures including fishes, crabs, etc. That’s exactly what you want to do with your beach house.
  • House of Poseidon: Poseidon is the god of the sea. Imagine a god living in your beach house. Well, the name will attract a lot of guests.
  • Seagull’s Nest: Just a pun for pun lovers.
  • Casa Vista Mare (Spanish): This Spanish word means “Seaview house”.
  • Maison de la Mer (French): Meaning “House of the sea”
  • Vista del Mare (Italian): I am sure that lovers of Italy will love this name that means “Seaview”
  • Sandpiper Cottage: Awesome name for beach houses that Sandpipers visit.
  • Sea Haven: Your guests will feel safe in this place.
  • Ocean Overlook: If you have a corner where your guests can view the ocean, this name is great for your beach house.

Awesome Beach House Names

Here are even more great names for your beach house.

  • Anchors Away: A great name for houses that are close to rivers, seas, and oceans.
  • Bliss On The Bay: A unique and rare beach house name pun.
  • Edgewater Bungalow: Refers to beach houses close to the edge of land.
  • Oceanview Cottage: Awesome name for cottages close to the ocean.
  • Pirate Cove: This name will attract mostly young people.
  • Seaview Estate: Awesome name for luxurious beach homes.
  • Summer By The Sea: Great name for summer vacations.
  • Sandy Homes: Refers to the sand in the sea. This is a great beach house name idea.

Love puns? These beach house names are both funny and send a message to people:

Beach House Names (With Puns)

view from bungalow on crystal blue sea with white beach and coconut palm trees
  • The Ocean Waves
  • You Otter Know
  • Wait and Sea
  • The Blue Whale
  • Crab Shack
  • Vitamin Sea
  • The Blue Crab
  • Every Dogfish has Its Day
  • The Hidden Porpoise
  • Dune ‘N Gone
  • The Oarasis
  • Prawn Your Own Conclusion
  • The Red Herring
  • Once Upon a Tide
  • Mahi-Mahi Fine
  • Reel Life
  • Seaclusion
  • The Shark Tank
  • Sea La Vie
  • Gone to Maui
  • The Happy Honu
  • Seaya
  • Sea View
  • Kahakai Cottage
  • Seaprise
  • Shore Thing
  • Harbor Hideaway
  • Sun of a Beach
  • You Shore?
  • Sea Breeze
  • Sunset Odyssey
  • Octopus Odyssey
  • Hideaway
  • Plan B
  • Nest Egg
  • Waverly
  • Wave Runner
  • Current Resident
  • High Tide
  • Shell Shack
  • Sandy Shores
  • Shore Break
  • Sand Dollar
  • Crab Shack
  • Beach Haven
  • Coral Casita
  • The Sundowner Swell
  • Rising Tide
  • Cozy Clam
  • Sea View
  • Sand Shack
  • Seal Shack
  • Seagull Shack
  • Shark Tank
  • Lobster Lodge
  • Blue Fin Bungalow
  • Shark Shack
  • The Jetty Joint
  • Sea Lion’s Lair
  • Porpoise Pad
  • Perch Pad
  • Pelican Pad
  • Dolphin’s Den
  • Sand Shelter
  • Pirate Perch
Awsome living room interior and amazing view of Redondo beach in Washington
  • Pirate Cave
  • Diver’s Chamber
  • Sail Away
  • Crow’s Nest
  • The Albatross
  • Diver’s Den
  • Snorkel Shack
  • The Sunbather
  • Captain’s Cabin
  • Wave Rider
  • Bay Watch
  • Bay Bungalow
  • Captain’s Cabana
  • Sea Bird Shack
  • Sunset Shack
  • Lobster Locale
  • Solar Shack
  • Sandcastle
  • The Sunriser
  • Tsunami
  • Barrel Rider
  • Beside the Point
  • Ship Shape
  • Sea Breeze
  • Boardwalk Bungalow
  • Sea Section
  • Sea Horse
  • Dune Our Thing
  • Sea Biscuit

French Names for Beach Houses

These names will thrill lovers of French:

  • Au Revoir (until we meet again)
  • Chez Recoin (our nook)
  • Belle Vue (beautiful view)
  • Gai Sejour (cheerful stay)
  • Folie Maison (madhouse)
  • Maison Calme (peaceful house)
  • La Maisonette (the small house)
  • Mer Vue (Seaview)
  • Maison des Fleurs (house of flowers)

Spanish Names for Beach Houses

Do consider naming your beach house with Spanish:

  • Casa de Esperanza (house of hope)
  • Buena Vista Cabana (good view cottage)
  • Casa de Flores (flower house)
  • Casa de Fiesta (party house)
  • Casa Feliz (happy home)
  • Casa del Puerto (harbor house)
  • Casa Palmera (house of palms)
  • Casa de Suenos (house of dreams)
  • Vistas al Mar (sea views)
  • Gran Jardin (large garden)

Italian Names for Beach Houses

Beach house on seashore cost on a sunny day

What about some touch of Italian?

  • Bella Donna (pretty woman)
  • Fiera Vista (fine view)
  • Casa Di Fortuna (house of good luck)
  • Nostro Palazzo (our palace)
  • Prossimo il Mare (near the sea)
  • Palazzo del Mare (sea palace)
  • Villetta del Mare (cottage of the sea)
  • Stella Marina (starfish)

More Beach House Names

Here are even more great names for your beach house:

  • The Endless Summer
  • The Hideaway
  • Bliss on the Bay
  • Edgewater Bungalow
  • Oceanview Cottage
  • Pirate Cove
  • The Lookout
  • Ocean Overlook
  • Sandpiper Cottage
  • The Seagull Nest
  • The Sail Away
  • The Sandcastle
  • Seaview Estate
  • The Seahorse
  • Sea Haven
  • Surfing Delight
  • The Sun Kiss
  • The Starling
  • Summer by the Sea
  • Bay Watch
  • Blue Shag
  • The Crow’s Nest
  • Watersedge Retreat
  • The Barracuda
  • Lost Shaker of Salt
  • The Lucky Duck
  • Margaritaville
  • The Flip-Flop
  • The Lob Star
  • Mimosa Manor
  • The Nest Egg
  • On the Rocks
  • Sun-A-Holic
  • Pirate Booty
  • The Salty Dog
  • The Sandbox
  • X-Ta-Sea
  • 5 O’Clock Somewhere
  • Seagull Shack
  • Shore Thing
  • Mahalo Manor
  • Ma kai Views
  • Kona Reef
  • Wakea Wanderlust
  • You had me at Aloh
  • Makalapua in Paradise
  • Moku Paradise